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Here Are The 4 Top Reasons Why You Need Google Analytics in Your International E-Commerce Website

As a webpreneur, getting feedback from your customers is an essential idea. It helps you to make confident decisions that boost your sales. Interacting with your customers enables you to understand their likes and preferences. So, you provide them with their cake. This way, you harness your sales level. When running an international e-commerce website, understanding your customers is essential. But the feeling of your prospects is not enough ground for making your business decisions. Your business effectiveness lies in having real data of its performance.

For this reason, you must have a tool for collecting and analyzing the trends on your e-commerce website. Google analytics is such a tool. This web-based software enables you to track your website traffic and performance. It collects information and analyzes it on various aspects such as conversions, bounce rates, number of visitors, the duration of a visitor, and source of your traffic. But why is it an essential tool for your international e-commerce website?

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The B2B buyers are known for placing bulk orders. The B2B purchases are also more reverting and have the power to develop long-term relationships and the cost of reselling (upselling or cross selling) is lower. The businesses make purchases on monthly basis and prefer to develop long-term relations with service providers they can trust and can rely on. Finding the right B2B ecommerce platform for the right product among a long list of choices can be pretty challenging. There are usually more people included in every transaction, convenience, consistency, accessibility, and transparency become essential to the B2B buying experience.

Opportunity to collect real-time data

It is a settled case that data is the central tool for evaluating your business. Whether you are selling online or offline, having the right information about your business performance harnesses your decision making. In the competitive e-commerce arena, you need to make real-time decisions to remain ahead of your competitors. This goal is only achievable through having real-time data.

Google Analytics (GA) offers you an opportunity to collect real-time data about your website. You get information on your potential customer’s behavior. You can determine which type of content is going viral and one which is not. Hence, you can make wise content marketing decisions which are crucial to your business success and designing your target marketing tricks.

Enable you to know how long visitors stay on your e-commerce website

One of the tricks to harnessing your online sales is customer engagement. Your site must be engaging to enable customers to make a purchase decision. Also, the content you post on your website can determine the length of time a visitor will spend on your website. However, unless you have a mechanism of assessing this aspect, you will continue posting similar text. This way, your site will sustain a low engagement level and affect your sales.

GA offers you an opportunity to generate visitor’s engagement report. From this report, you can determine how engaging your content is through checking the visitor duration on the website. This way, you can come up with better ways of boosting your content engagement which in turn leads to more sales.

You can get information on the devices your targets are using to access your website

Knowing the means your targets are using to reach your international e-commerce website is crucial. By this, you can customize your content for the device. Also, you will gear up your efforts to ensure the visitors get the best experience based on their shopping devices. The information is also crucial in selecting your international e-commerce solutions.

Google Analytics allows you to achieve this objective. It provides you with information on the type of device your site visitors are using and their number. This way, it provides you with a base for web customization to align with customer preferences.

Essential in keyword selection


As you know, keywords are essential in your online marketing. Customers use various phrases on their searches. Your ability to match your e-commerce website content with these phrases places you at a better position of winning more sales. GA enables you to access information on your keywords performance. Hence, you can make an informed decision and select keywords that are effective and leading to high conversions.