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Read this article and discover the numerous benefits of using Shopify multi store platform! Find out why Shopify is among the best international ecommerce platforms and the right choice for your online store!


Using Shopify multi-store feature on an ecommerce platform is one of the best options for online store web design, allowing business owners and managers to create and launch unique and multiple ecommerce sites from one dashboard. Using such ecommerce solution allows businesses to form a comprehensive and easy-to-manage multi-store strategy.

Interested in discovering some of the most notable benefits of Shopify – the best international ecommerce platform? Here are some of them:

  • No product limits
  • Target international markets with sites in other languages
  • Creation of multiple stores from one central dashboard
  • Micro websites for specific brands
  • Integrated SEO management & marketing
  • Distinct branding
  • Create sales and custom looks to target special days and holidays in different areas of the world

These numerous benefits translate to improved conversions and higher sales, which is the main goal of ecommerce websites. The principle is super easy – by supporting unique branding for individual sales, micro-websites and sales pages while keeping a cohesive flow, the ecommerce platform guarantees the customer feels comfortable and pleasant with the brand.

Shopify multi-store ecommerce platforms also provide a simple way to a add product to multiple stores. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the Shopify platform for seasonal sales, flash sales, or special holidays, this feature will save you a lot of time by making the addition of products simplified and the creation of the website much easier.

Ecommerce solution Shopify allow you to create branded websites to target specific regions or countries by using the same product database if needed. The platform also allows for top-level and unique domains that help you rank for more terms, attract more customers, and increase your sales. By providing an impeccable experience with brand synergy, international or retail services, the multi-stores can help you ensure a better user experience. Some of the benefits worth mentioning are unique promotional campaigns, targeting international markets, custom currency and shipping, unique branding, optimizing each domain for better search ranking, separate social media marketing, custom sales and products for different cultural, simplified ecommerce web design.

Using international ecommerce platforms is the best way to grow your target user base! Get in touch with the Shopify team today!